In development…

“DOWN BROTHER UP (w.t)” A character driven drama delicately spiced with tragic, dark comedy following two brothers who are struggling to cope with mental health issues and the impact that it has upon their own lives, their family and each other. With an original script inspired by true events and two brothers living with phycological […]


youth film projects

Feelings and values from two cultures: Israeli-German Film Project

Between Home

Artist and amateur sailor, Nick Jaffe, has been living in Berlin and has decided to take the long way home to Australia…


Olli is having hard times at home. His mother prohibits his gum chewing; his sister gets everything she wants and his father’s disciplinary measures bring no comfort. When it’s all too much Olli flees to the street and uses his will and imagination in a great escape to get away from the city. Olli moves […]


RECOIL, a.k.a DEAL is a grainy high-energy 16mm short film produced in the mid 90’s together with Andrew Whelan. The story was inspired and based on events within Melbourne’s emerging rave-scene during of the early 1990’s. An actual clubbing ‘runner’ was cast for the central character ‘Lee’ but repeatedly failed to show and the director […]

Auf – Heiss

Anna generously shared some of her extraordinary music on Between Home’s soundtrack. We’ve just made a raw and back to the roots clip her new outfit AUF, shot in a demolished supermarket. AUF just finished touring with Shellack and release “AUF – CD” in Mai.